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My Dad’s Birthday is here again and I decided to help him with his wish list.

1)       A 3 day Vacation to the Bahamas. A 3 day trip to the Doggie Day Spa

2)      A Bottle of Dry Red Wine. A Large Bag of Chicken Strips

3)      A new Flat Panel TV. A new Plush Lined Dog Bed

4)      A Medium Filet from Chart House Restaurant. Oops…no changes needed!!


Normally I have a humorous thing or two to say here, but not this time. Today I want to acknowledge the passing of a friend, Shirley Codomo, who left us on 6/23/2009. Shirley was well known and loved by many in The Springs. She also wrote a column in this newsletter called Shirley’s Drips. She always gave me treats, even though they were meant for her own dog Sneakers! Shirley, may you Rest In Peace.

JULY 2009
My dad just returned from a week long Real Estate seminar in Las Vegas...or so he said.  I saw him unpacking his bags, but did not see any educational materials.  He gave me a biscuit and told me to shut up.  Well dad, the treat is finished....and so are your secrets.

JUNE 2009
My name is Buddy and this is my New Rhyme

                School is out and it’s Summer time!

Memorial Day is over & The 4th of July is coming up

                But a more Important Date is looming for this handsome pup

June 17th is My Birthday and I’ll be Eight

                Send lots of Presents and don’t be late!

My Dad says I’m as old as he is in Dog Years somehow

                Unlike him, I still have all my hair, teeth, marbles, and looks for now!

MAY 2009
I was watching the news and saw that the President & his family just got a Portuguese Water Dog puppy named Bo.  My Dad said he is going to be really spoiled.  They even have a designated dog walker.  So I decided or order some books..."Portuguese for Dummies" and "Botox for Dogs".  I'll do anything to be spoiled like that!

APRIL 2009
I took my Dad out for a walk this morning and he noticed the signs for the neighborhood garage sale. He said he was going to sell all my toys to help pay for advertising in this newsletter. If they’re so valuable I’m going to advertise them on PeeBay, then use the money to buy a richer Dad!

MARCH 2009
I was snoozing during the Academy Awards until my ears perked up when I heard SlumDog Millionaire won! I asked my Dad where MY Million is? He said I would get it when the next stimulus check arrives. NEXT stimulus check? What happened to the LAST one?

My Dad and I watched the Presidential Inauguration with great interest & hope for a better future. A reporter mentioned that the Obamas want a New Dog. Next thing I heard was my Dad calling the White House & offering to Sell My Seat!

My Name is Buddy & this is My Rhyme
  Another Year Gone in Record Time!
My Dad complains that he lost More Hair
  Not Possible I say—his head is Totally Bare!
He says I’m getting Stubborn—he might be Right
  Get over it Dad and see the Light
A New Year is Dawning—so go back to School
  You need to Start Learning that Doggies Rule!


I LOVE December! 8 Days of Chanukah, 12 Days of Christmas, 6 Days of Kwanzaa…that means a new toy for almost every day of the month! On the downside, my Dad said he is NOT buying me ANY new toys until he SELLS me a bigger Doghouse. Just wait til he sees the present I left for him!



Halloween is almost over!

The World Series is almost Over! 

The Election is almost over! 

Wow….2008 is almost over!

That should automatically qualify me for another birthday present!!!



I don’t understand all this crazy stuff going on in Washington now.

What happened to the good old political promises…

chicken in every pot and treats in every garage?

 I’m Buddy and I approve this message!



Last week it was raining cats and dogs!

I was so excited with all my new playmates

until I got bonked on the head by a huge Great Dane

with a malfunctioning parachute!

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